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Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have been popular for centuries, and their timeless beauty is one of the many reasons why homeowners love them. Whether it’s marble, granite, or flagstone, a stone tile can still make a statement today, just like it did in ancient Roman baths. In addition to adding style to any room, stone tiles also come with durability.

Unlike other types of flooring, which may require frequent replacements due to wear and tear, a natural stone tiles will last for years if cared for properly. And when you want to add a bit of character to your home without spending too much? Stone tiles are an excellent choice – they offer creative freedom in terms of design and colour combinations that won’t break the bank!

So if you’re looking for a classic and cost-effective way to redecorate, look no further than natural stone floor tiles — after all, their enduring popularity may be here for another few centuries! Natural stone pavers are also a good investment for homeowners.

Our Wide Range of Stone Tiles for Your Home

Are you looking for the best stone tiles for your home? Look no further! At Cheap Tiles Online, we have a wide selection of beautiful and stylish stone tiles that can make any room in your home stand out. We offer varieties of classic limestone, smooth marble, and durable granite – all at a great price point. Whether you’re searching for affordable yet luxurious options for the kitchen or bathroom, or want to give the entryway an opulent upgrade, you’ll find exactly what you need here.

Plus, with our range of customization options, you can spruce up even more rooms in your home with unique one-of-a-kind pieces. From modern to traditional, sultry to sophisticated—our range of stone tiles offers every homeowner something special. With its competitive pricing, it comes as no surprise that a lot of homeowners are choosing stone tiles!

Check out Cheap Tiles Online and explore our amazing line of quality stone tiles!

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Delivered Australia-wide

Cheap Tiles Online is dedicated to making sure you get your stone tiles in perfect condition! That’s why we offer a comprehensive delivery service across Australia starting from $49 – from Brisbane all the way to Perth, and everywhere in between. All orders are carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival and speed of delivery. Choose our trusted stone tile experts for an easy and hassle-free shopping experience!


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For more information, click here or contact us today at +61 1300 818 641.

Other Popular Tile Types To Choose From

Aside from stone tiles, Cheap Tiles Online also offers a wide range of other tile types for your home. We carry everything from ceramic and porcelain to mosaic and stone effect designs, so you’ll surely find the perfect match for any room in your house.

Explore the other products we have on offer here or call us at +61 1300 818 641 for more information:


What are the advantages of using stone tiles?

When it comes to flooring materials, stone tiles have a lot of advantages worth considering. For starters, they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting; unlike hardwood flooring or carpet, which will eventually wear down, stone tiles are made to stand up to intense foot traffic. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colours and textures, so you can choose exactly the kind of look that fits your aesthetic—from subtle marbled gray to striking red granite.

What’s more, stone tiles are surprisingly easy to maintain; no harsh chemicals or frequent waxings are required! And last but not least, know with confidence that you’re putting your money towards a product that you won’t need to replace for years— if ever. So when it comes time to renovate your floors, give some thought to using stone tiles—flexible, fashionable, and built to last!

Can stone tiles be used for walls, too?

Once you’ve decked out your floors with beautiful stone tiles, why not go one step further and use them to add a touch of class to your walls, too? After all, just imagine how majestic it would be to walk into a room with stunning stone tiling on both the floor and the walls! Not only would each corner be graced by intricate designs, but the stone’s luxurious texture would also bring a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Yes, it is possible – you don’t have to confine those gorgeous tiles to just the floors anymore. Moreover, since the tiles can help regulate the temperature in a room and withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, using them for walls may very well turn into an investment that pays off handsomely down the line. So if your home needs an added flair of sophistication or elegance, look no further than stone tiles! Not too shabby for something initially used for roads 2000 years ago!

Stone tiles are undoubtedly an extremely valuable option when it comes to modern home décor – just remember they can also be used on walls!

How much do stone tiles usually cost?

If you’re looking to do a home makeover in Australia, it can be tricky to find quality tiles at an affordable price. Among the materials available, stone tiles are known for their durability and longevity, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. That being said, they don’t come cheap! After all, how much is quality craftsmanship worth? When looking to install stone tiles in your home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $110 to $150 per square metre.

Obviously, that figure can increase if you opt for rare stones – but remember, this isn’t your average game of ‘rocks-paper-scissors’! Depending on the material chosen and the size of the room you’re undergoing renovations in, tiling your floor with stone may be the perfect way to go. While it requires a bit more research and costs more than some other unfinished surfaces, the monumental results will surely leave quite the impression on anyone who visits your home (and could even go towards increasing its value!).

Do you offer samples?

Have you ever been in the tile aisle at a store wishing for a way to see what the tiles look like in your own home before you make a purchase? Wonder no more! At Cheap Tiles Online, we share your frustration and have come up with an easy solution. We offer samples of all our tiles for only $4 each, including shipping! But it gets even better!

When you place your order, we will refund up to five sample purchases – that’s right, not just the cost of the samples but also their shipping. That way, you can trust that the tile you see online or on a sample is exactly what you’ll get when it arrives at your door. Now isn’t that something to smile about? Click here for more information about our sample program. So go ahead and pick out those perfectly perfect tiles – Cheap Tiles Online has got your back!

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