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Outdoor Mosaic Tiles

Outdoor mosaic tiles are the perfect way to give any outdoor space an eye-catching and unique look. Made of small pieces of glass, stone, or ceramic, these tiles have a wonderful variety of hues and textures that can be arranged in countless creative patterns. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and cuts; some are even backed with mesh to help ease their installation.

While they may take some time to put together, once complete, they will transform your patio area into a luxurious oasis you’re sure to adore. Best of all, they’re hard-wearing and waterproof – meaning you won’t have to worry about them being damaged in the rain! So when you’re looking for something that combines functionality with irresistible charm and flair, outdoor mosaic tiles make a great choice! Outdoor floor tiles should always be durable and reliable. Therefore, choosing outdoor tiles should be something you should set aside enough time for to make sure your great outdoors will always look their best.

A Striking Range of Outdoor Mosaic Tiles

It’s often said that you should never judge a book by its cover, but the same certainly can’t be said for outdoor mosaic tiles! At Cheap Tiles Online, we believe that outdoor décor should be as striking and eye-catching as possible, and our beautiful collection of mosaic tiles is sure to please even the most demanding aesthetic connoisseur. From bold geometric designs to intricate mixed pattern options, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect match for your outdoor needs without breaking the bank. Our extensive range of outdoor mosaic tiles has a good non-slip rating that guarantees your safety without compromising aesthetics.

Our collection draws upon styles from across the globe – with something likely to become a talking point in any garden or backyard setting. Sure, you might think those books have all been judged before they’ve even landed on your doorstep – but when it comes to outdoor mosaic tiles, we have faith that everyone will love what they see!

So why not shop our striking range today? Trust us: it's far more than just a pretty face.

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Delivered Australia-wide

At Cheap Tiles Online, we offer outdoor mosaic tiles for delivery to all parts of Australia. Our shipping fee starts at just $49! With a huge selection of options, you’ll surely find something that suits your outdoor area in no time!


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  • Sydney Metro
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For more information about outdoor mosaic tiles and our delivery options, please feel free to contact us at +61 1300 818 641. We’d love to hear from you!

Popular Mosaic Tile Types

You can’t go wrong with the different outdoor mosaic tile varieties available today. Whether you are looking for a classic look or something more unique, outdoor mosaic tiles offer a range of options to choose from. We offer outdoor mosaic tiles, including the following:

If you need help when it comes to choosing the right outdoor mosaic tile for your project, our experts can help. We have years of experience in the outdoor tiling industry and can guide you through the process! Visit our website today to learn more about outdoor mosaic tiles and our selection!


Which areas are suitable for outdoor mosaic tiles?

Outdoor mosaic tiles are a great way to add colour and texture to any outdoor living space. Whether you want to create a colourful walkway or an eye-catching patio, these tiles are a great choice. Areas that are particularly suitable for outdoor mosaic tiles include patios, pool decks, stairways, walkways, and driveways.

Mosaics can also be used to bring a unique touch to vertical surfaces such as retaining walls and stair risers. When planning your design, make sure to choose tiles that are rated for outdoor use and appropriate for the climate. Water features such as fountains and reflecting ponds also provide a beautiful canvas for outdoor mosaics. With the right tiles and design, you can turn any outdoor area into a unique work of art!

What is the difference between indoor mosaic tiles and outdoor mosaic tiles?

Something often overlooked when designing interior or exterior spaces is the importance of using the right type of mosaic tiles for the job. Indoor and outdoor mosaic tiles are not simply different shades of the same material; these two types of tiles have very distinct qualities that make them better suited for their respective environments.

Outdoor mosaic tiles are typically made from porcelain and other marbles with higher traction levels; this means they prevent slipping in wet conditions, making them ideal for damp climates or places where people walk barefoot.

On the other hand, indoor mosaic tiles are generally crafted from materials like glass, terracotta, and other softer stones that don’t hurt as much upon contact. Ultimately, it’s crucial to pick the right mosaic tile for its intended environment – a slip-proof patio might as well be a skate ramp if you don’t have some high-traction outdoor mosaics! Be sure to make your selection wisely.

Do outdoor mosaic tiles look good?

Outdoor mosaic tiles have always been a popular choice when it comes to sprucing up the outside of a home. They can provide an eye-catching pop of colour, making them the perfect way to add a little personality to your abode. But you might wonder if they look good and aren’t just a fad. The answer is that, yes, outdoor mosaic tiles can look amazing! In fact, they can offer so much more than just a splash of colour.

Mixing different hues and shapes together allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art. From subtle checked patterns to edgy geometric designs, there’s something for everyone – regardless of whether you want to make a statement or keep things subtle. There’s no doubt about it: outdoor mosaic tiles are in style and here to stay. So don’t hesitate; why not express yourself with an original design today?

Are outdoor mosaic tiles easy to keep clea

Outdoor mosaic tiles are a great choice for homeowners because they offer an attractive and unique aesthetic. But one of the main selling points is that these tiles are incredibly easy to maintain. With just a few sweepings a week, your outdoor mosaic tiles will look as good as new! Dirt, dust, and other particles can be quickly removed with a broom or brush, while tougher messes can easily be washed away with standard household cleaning products.

Even efflorescence (the white powdery deposits sometimes found on grout) is no match for these tiling materials — simply use a mild detergent in warm water, scrubbed by hand or with a soft brush, and voilà! No more unsightly markings left behind. As long as you properly seal them after installation and give them an occasional wipe-down, your outdoor mosaic tiles will look beautiful for many years.

Do you offer samples?

If you’ve ever been in the market for tiles, then you know that one of the most important considerations is getting the perfect colour and style. And while pictures on a webpage can give customers a general idea of what to expect, we understand that it’s hard to make confident decisions without seeing the tiles in person.

That’s why here at Cheap Tiles Online, we offer samples! For only $4 (including shipping) each, customers can order up to 5 different types of sample tiles and have them delivered straight to their door. Plus, they get refunded $20 when they purchase their tile order; so sampling at Cheap Tiles Online isn’t just fun – it’s also economical! So what are you waiting for? Get your samples today and take one step closer to making your dream home a reality. For more information, click here!

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