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Feature Tiles

Feature tiles – they sound fancy, don’t they? But what exactly are these dazzling decorations? Put simply (and in the layperson’s terms), feature tiles are those that make an eye-catching statement. Added as accents to conventional tiling, these striking designs can help to imbue any interior space with a sense of luxury and sophistication. Beyond that, feature tiles give homeowners plenty of creative freedom; they vary in size, shape, texture, and colour, allowing you to create custom arrangements that exude personal style and unique flair.

Need a conversation piece for your living room? Look no further than feature tiles! These decorative tiles will surely be a hit! They offer plenty of wow factor without breaking the budget – just be sure to hire a professional installer who knows how to make your tile dreams come true. Offering an exciting range of potentials for design experiments, big and small, feature tiles may be just what your space needs!

These must-have marvels can take even the simplest interiors from drab to fab in no time flat. So why wait? Go ahead and treat yourself to some flashy feature tiles today!

Spice up Your Home With Feature Tiles

Adding a splash of texture and colour to your home has never been easier than with feature tiles. Here at Cheap Tiles Online, we offer a range of traditional and contemporary tile designs – making it easy to create the look you’re after. From classic metro brick looks to decorative mosaic patterns, there are endless possibilities when it comes to spicing up your home with feature tiles. Whether you plan to go for something subtle and stylish or colourful and bold, you can be sure that the results will be eye-catching and unique. Feature tiles come in a range of sizes too, so no matter what space you have available, there’ll likely be an option that fits the bill perfectly.

So why not get creative with feature tiles today? You won't believe how quickly they can transform an interior into something extraordinary!

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Popular Colours for Feature Tiles

Since feature tiles are all about making a statement, you’ll want to choose colours that really stand out. Bright hues can add visual interest and make a feature wall pop, while softer shades can lend an air of sophistication. Here are some popular colour options for feature tiles:

Delivered Australia-wide

At Cheap Tiles Online, we want to make sure that feature tiles are accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer delivery Australia-wide starting at $49. Plus, all our feature tile products come with a money-back promise – so you can purchase with confidence, knowing that your feature tile vision will become a reality! Order your feature tiles today and get ready for one stylish transformation!


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Other Popular Tile Types to Consider

Aside from feature tiles, we also offer a wide range of other tile types. Here are some popular options for you to consider:

If you need help selecting the right tile for your project, our friendly team are here to help. From feature tiles to classic mosaics, we have something to fit every interior style and budget!


What are the advantages of using feature tiles?

Feature tile design is like a secret weapon in any decorator’s arsenal – no matter the size or shape of the room; they can instantly transform it. Not only do they bring incomparable style and eye-catching colour, but they also offer an unlimited array of creative possibilities. If you’re looking to introduce a bold statement piece into your home without having to repaint, feature tiles are simply unbeatable! They can be used to create stunning accent walls and backsplashes, as well as add exciting visual texture on floors and countertops.

From stand-alones to mosaics and herringbones, there are endless styles of feature tiles available that will make your space anything but ordinary. So if you’re ready for a stylish new look without all the fuss, let feature tiles take centre stage in your next project!

Which areas are feature tiles suitable in?

Feature tiles are become increasingly popular in homes and businesses alike – but what exactly are they suitable for? Quite incredibly, there is almost no limit as to where feature tiles can be used. Kitchens, bathrooms, hallways–the uses are only limited by your imagination! For instance, you could create a stunning feature wall in your living room; brighten up your bathroom with a splash of vibrant colours, or transform a wet room into an outdoor oasis.

Feature tiles on the floor can also be an excellent way to liven up an otherwise dull area. Whether choosing luxurious slates for the hallway or intricate mosaics for the kitchen – you can create striking designs that will leave guests impressed.

Furthermore, you don’t have to install expensive tile after expensive tile; minimalist pieces in neutral tones can often make just as much impact. So the next time you are considering using some feature tiles, remember that almost any room of your home can benefit from a touch of style! It truly pays to think outside the box when it comes to feature tiles. With so much potential out there, you could end up creating something remarkable!

Do you offer samples?

Not sure which tile is best for your project? Feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? We get it! That’s why we offer samples from Cheap Tiles Online – to help make the tile searching process easier than ever. With samples, you can have up to five believable tiles sent right to your doorstep for only $4 (including shipping!).

And if you decide later on that you want something else, no worries—you’re protected by our sample refund policy, so you can try new things without any fear of wasting money. So take the plunge and go ahead with confidence! Click here for our sample page and start your search today. Who knows – you could find the perfect tile in no time!

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