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Bathroom Wall Tiles

From me-time sessions to quality showers, our bathroom wall tiles will transform your space and set the mood for the perfect oasis. Pick from our wide selection of bathroom tile designs, colours, and textures to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

Wall tiles that will bring style to any bathroom

At Cheap Tiles Online, we offer anything from natural stone walls that will make any space feel like an at-home spa, to geometric shapes that will turn your bathroom into a work of art, and to glossy white porcelain tiles that can turn even the gloomiest days bright. No matter your style or needs, our range of bathroom wall tiles has got you covered at a very affordable price. So, why not browse our full collection today and find your perfect match?

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We offer a wide range of styles

Looking to add some style to your bathroom walls? Our range of wall tiles is the perfect place to start. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom. Here are some of the styles of bathroom wall tiles we offer:

Find the perfect colour for your bathroom wall

White tiles express freshness, purity, and simplicity whilst blue tiles are for calmness and peace. Black and grey tiles project sophistication and elegance, whereas patterned or brightly coloured tiles can inject personality into any space.

Browse our wide range of colours below and see what speaks to you.

Delivered Australia-wide

We offer reliable and fast shipping to all states with competitive rates starting at only $49.


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For more information, click here or contact us today at +61 1300 818 641.

Bathroom wall tile ideas

Tired of your old, boring bathroom? Looking for a way to inject some life into the bathroom space without spending a fortune? Well, there are endless possibilities when it comes to tile styles and colours, so here are bathroom wall tile ideas to help you get started!

How to tile a bathroom wall

Wondering how to tile a bathroom wall? It’s actually not as difficult as you might think! You can see our guide for information on how to tile a bathroom wall and the tools you’ll need.


How do you clean bathroom wall tiles?

Making sure your bathroom wall tiles are clean is important for both hygiene and maintaining the overall look of your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to clean bathroom wall tiles (<-insert article link here).

Can you paint bathroom wall tiles?

Yes! You can paint bathroom wall tiles to give them a new lease on life. All you need is some latex or epoxy paint (depending on the type of tile) and a few other supplies, and you’re good to go!

How do you take tiles off a bathroom wall?

It’s fairly easy to take tiles off a bathroom wall, but it’s important to do it carefully so as not to damage the wall. All you need is a grout rake, chisel, and a hammer.

First, remove the grout around the tiles with the grout rake. Then, use the chisel and hammer to gently tap around the tile until it loosens and comes off. Repeat this process until all the tiles are removed.

Once removed, use the chisel and hammer again to scrape off all the adhesive and leftovers from the tiles. Finally, clean the wall and you’re done!

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