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ABWB Winning Bathroom

Shane and Naomi's Bathroom Triumph: From Australia’s Worstest to Australia’s Bestest!  

In a saga of renovation redemption, Shane and Naomi emerged victorious in The Tile Collective’s Australia’s Bestest Worstest Bathroom 2023 Competition, clinching the coveted $25,000 renovation prize. Join us as we unravel their remarkable journey from a chaotic nightmare to a functional sanctuary that has every homeowner green with envy.

🚿 The Before: Chaos Unleashed

Step inside the chaos that was Shane and Naomi’s bathroom – a space that mocked tranquility with outdated tiles, dysfunctional fixtures, and a layout that left even seasoned renovators scratching their heads. Undeterred, the duo faced the challenge head-on, determined to transform their nightmare into a dream retreat.

Armed with Vision: The Renovation Odyssey

Armed with a clear vision and The Tile Collective’s generous $25,000 renovation prize, Shane and Naomi embarked on a renovation odyssey of a lifetime. Witness the dedication, creativity, and hard work that went into every decision, from tile selections to fixture upgrades, as they turned their vision into reality.

Naomi and Shane Williams with ABWB Winning Cheque

🎉 The Grand Unveiling: A Breath of Modern Elegance

After weeks of anticipation, the grand unveiling of Shane and Naomi’s transformed bathrooms took centre stage. The result? Not one, but TWO breathtaking bathrooms that are the perfect blend of modern elegance and thoughtful functionality – a living testament to the transformative power of The Tile Collective. 

Before After

🎥 Watch the Journey: Australia's Bestest Bathroom Awaits!

Witnessing the astonishing metamorphosis of Australia’s Bestest Worstest Bathroom into not just one, but TWO extraordinary spaces for Shane and Naomi’s expanding family has been an absolute privilege, and definitely one of our proudest moments of 2023.

From outdated to outstanding, our team and everyone involved poured their heart and soul into this project, ensuring every tile was meticulously selected, placed and that every little detail was flawlessly executed. The result? Pure magic!

Now, Shane and Naomi’s growing family can revel in the luxury of two incredible new spaces that perfectly cater to their needs. It’s a true testament to the power of transformation and the joy it brings to our hearts!

We take immense pride in our ability to turn dreams into reality. This project has not only left us beaming with pride but has also reminded us of the profound impact our work can have on people’s lives.

Join us in celebrating this renovation and the happiness it has brought to Shane, Naomi, and their beautiful family of soon-to-be 4. Tune in to witness their awe-inspiring journey, from enduring Australia’s Worstest to unveiling Australia’s Bestest Bathroom, and get ready to be inspired for your next home project as their story unfolds.

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