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Sure Seal Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer (Impregnator) Quick Drying Liquid 4 LTR

from $46.00

Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer- Quick Drying is unique in the tiling industry and was specifically formulated to seal porous grout, tile and stone surfaces. It is quick drying and easy to use. It seals and protects against water and oil based staining, dries invisible and will not leave a film or discoloration of the treated surface.

Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer – Quick Drying provides superior protection to the toughest porous surfaces such as sandstone, bluestone, travertine, concrete, terracotta, slate, grout and other porous masonry surfaces. This award winning product is the original and World’s First sealer in an Aerosol.

Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer – Quick Drying forms a bond with the surface to provide unparal­leled protection against stains, while retaining the natural beauty of the surface. As an invisible impregnator, it will not change the colour or texture of the surface being treated.


  • Australian made
  • Will not alter coefficient of friction i.e. slip rating
  • Helps prevent permanent staining
  • Seals damp grout within minutes of grout installation
  • Blocks moisture penetration that causes mildew
  • Preserves and protects without discoloration
  • Resists UV degradation
  • Allows treated surfaces to breathe
  • Helps prevent efflorescence and freeze thaw damage
  • Reduces water vapour transmission


DESCRIPTION: When properly applied Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer – Quick Drying will protect sandstone, bluestone, travertine, concrete, grout, terracotta, slate and other porous masonry surfaces. Can be applied to kitchen areas, bathrooms, shower recesses and will not harm aluminium, timber or carpet.

Aerosol Directions for Application
Hold aerosol can approximately 15-20 cm away from desired surface, press spray button and apply product with a light even coat over surface to be treated using a sweeping motion, overlapping sprayed areas for best coverage. Allow sealer to cure at least 24 hours. Overspray might be slightly visible on dark coloured flooring material. If this occurs, apply thin coat of sealer and buff with a clean cloth.

Liquid Directions for Application
Apply Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer – Quick Drying with a paint brush, flat lambs-wool applicator, pump or airless sprayer. Apply one coat with smooth even strokes, lightly coating the surface being treated. At least one hour drying time is recommended before using the treated area. Two coats are recommended. For optimum protection, allow to cure for 24 hours. If necessary, buff off any excess residue before the second coat is dry.

Application on Dry or Damp Grout
On dry grout, make sure grout is clean and apply an even coat of sealer. For damp grout, allow at least 20 minutes after installation before applying sealer. Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Sealer – Quick Drying will not affect grout’s natural curing time. Curing time of sealer will be the same as the manufacturer’s stated time for the grout or treated material. Spray, dab, brush, or roll product onto the grout. Completely seal the grout and let dry.

To clean treated areas, simply use water and mild detergent or any neutral (non-acidic) cleaner. Do not use harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive powders, ammonia, acids, bleach or abrasive scrubbing pads.

Sure Seal® 300 gm Aerosol, seals approximately up to 500 linear metres depending on size of grout joint or up to 18 square metres of grout and tile, depending on the material to be sealed and how it’s applied. One litre will cover approx­imately up to 40m2 depending upon the material to be treated and method of application.

Consult the Safety Data Sheet for full technical and safety details. It is recommended to test the product first on a small inconspicuous area to determine its efficacy or unexpected results.

DISCLAIMER: Actual product may vary from images shown due to device display settings, product batch variations and fine detail.

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