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Tile Patterns: How to Pick the Best One for You

With the abundance of tile colours and designs available today, you will definitely find the perfect options for your walls or floors. However, you should also remember that even the simplest plain tiles could look stunning with the right layout. Choose your tile patterns carefully and you’ll be able to enhance any interior.

Brick Layout

Subway Bevelled edge gloss white wall tiles
This is a true classic look with straight rows of tiles, each offset by half a tile width. It’s a great option for ‘widening’ a room and it would work for any rectangular tiles. This pattern looks great in almost any setting and would be particularly stunning if paired with contrasting colours. This is one of the best options for simple tiles.

Vertical Brick

Reorienting your brick tile pattern would allow you to ‘elongate’ your room, which is a great trick for small cramped spaces. This layout done in plain white rectangular tiles creates a stylish contemporary look that would work for minimalistic bathrooms.

Stacked Layout

As far as tile patterns go, this one is the simplest and is perfect for DIY projects. It creates a classic clean look and would look very nice when paired with ‘organic’ designs, such as wood or stone. Use it in any space as long as rectilinear forms are predominant in the interior.


Mosaics tiles don’t have to be complex multicoloured ‘pictures’. In fact, the majority of them is rather simple and plays on using various shades of the same colour to give dimension to the pattern. The most popular kind of mosaics today is inch-by-inch squares, and they look amazing in accent areas. You can also use them on shower stalls floors as this type of tile has more grout, so the surface is less slippery.


This tile pattern is achieved by laying tiles into a zigzag at right angles. It looks rather sophisticated and elegant, but the process of installation is more complex, so the work has to be done by a true master. This is a good choice for accent walls. However, it’s not the best option for large areas as the effect is quite overwhelming.

Basket Weave

This type of tile patterns is formed by turning subway tiles into squares. The exact shape, texture, and colour of the tile allow a lot of room for creating subtly different effects. This layout would look great in any area, but it works especially well in bold colours as an accent in the interior.

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