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Renovating a kitchen or bathroom yourself? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom is usually no small task. In this post we’ll take a look at a few tried and tested tips that will come in handy during a kitchen or bathroom renovation project. If you’re thinking of making some changes to your washroom or cooking space, these might just do the trick.

The kitchen

How often do you plan on using your kitchen? What kinds of appliances will be in use and where are they to be situated? Dishes and cups be stored near the dishwasher for easier unloading, while breakfast food and kitchenware can be located in close proximity to the breakfast table. Additionally, these simple hacks can also help you plan the process:

Wide Walkways: Where the space is available, wide walkways will make moving around the space kitchen easier
Find the right Height for fixtures and fittings: Keep in mind the height of fittings such as table and cook tops, as well as the location of appliances like microwaves.
Designated Knife Storage: Knives are dangerous and require a safe spot between usage. Consider children and pets as well.

Swing out taps, recycling bin space, multiple power outlets, and even simple solutions such as S-hooks are all useful tips to keep in mind as well.

The bathroom

For bathroom renovation jobs, useful tips to remember include installing easy-care flooring such as glazed or porcelain tiles, and textured finishes like matte (if you prefer a non-slip floor). In addition to replacing plugs and outlets, consider rewiring the electrics and ensuring there are enough power outlets available.


When renovating your bathroom, you should also consider the height of accessories such as towel bars, loo roll holders, and robe hooks, as well as making room for niches and recesses in the wall where toiletries can be stored. In addition to replacing your old toilet with a top of the range one that does the job well, be sure to place your vanity in a space where it will offer the most utility.

Other nifty tips include keeping in mind if you require your kitchen and bathroom to be particularly kid-friendly or not, as well as ensuring the new space fits in with and complements the rest of your home. By sticking to the guidelines above, as well as carefully considering the rest of the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, your renovation project will be off to a good start.

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