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Renovate or Rebuild? 5 Factors You Need To Consider.

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Removing existing tiles is hard work so it’s important to get it right the first time and create a space you are truly comfortable with.

If you’re umming and ahhing about a renovation or rebuild decision on your current home, we have put together our top 5 factors to consider when making your decision.


It’s no secret that the first consideration that comes to mind when deciding if you should rebuild or renovate is budget. Despite what you may have heard, renovating isn’t always the cheaper option. Industry research shows that the cost-per-square-metre of a new build is cheaper than the cost-per-square-metre of a reno. This is because the materials and labour required to renovate can be more expensive than seamlessly doing it all in one go. In saying this, there are hidden costs with both options so the “cheaper” option, shouldn’t make the decision. Go with what you/your client truly wants, and work with the budget you have available.


How much do you love the features in your home? Is there a certain sliding door or an arch window that you can’t see yourself parting with? There may be parts of the home that have sentimental value to your family. If you can’t think of anything, then looking at knocking it down might be the option for you. If there are a few features that can definitely be given a new life, then maybe a renovation is what you need. How do the features rate on the chart below?


This consideration is simple. Is your house unhealthy? Does it have a dreaded termite infestation? You might be better off starting from scratch then pouring your time and money into a large, time-consuming, and costly renovation. Take this as a great opportunity to start fresh and create your dream home.


If you have created a mood board or vision board (which is what we recommend to all our customers) then you would have a good understanding of how you see the finished product coming together. Visiting supplier showrooms and getting a feel for the product options is available for those building and can be beneficial for you. Despite the current social distancing restrictions, you can still browse virtual showrooms or take virtual tours from the suppliers and our Online Showroom is a great place to start when searching for tiles.


Lastly, time. The time frame you have available and want to complete your upgrade in will give you a better understanding of the right option. Due to factors such as cost, materials and labour, you might want to lengthen the time of your upgrade or be more “hands-on”, in which case renovating might be the way to go. If the alternative appeals to you and you want a known completion date, site manager check-ins and the freedom to visit on your own schedule, you might look at a rebuild. It is most important to think about the less stressful and best-suited option for you or your client too.

We have you covered for your next build or reno, visit Cheap Tiles Online’s online showroom, here.

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