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Sure Seal Grout, Tiles & Stone Cleaner Concentrate 1 litre


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    Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Cleaner is a heavy duty, water-based, hard surface degreaser specifically formulated using the latest revolutionary solvent technology to remove grease, dirt, grime and soot from all surfaces.
    Developed as a superior alternative to dangerous acid, chlorinated or caustic based products, Sure Seal® Grout, Tile & Stone Cleaner Is a special Industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combine safety with effective cleaning.

    Grout, Tile & Stone Cleaner Is an innovative degreaser with excellent eco-friendly properties. It is non-toxic and readily biodegradable.

    The product is non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and has non-irritant properties. It has low/ virtually no odour, is non-carcinogenic and is not an irritant or sensitiser, which makes it totally safe to use.

    Complies with Australian Standard AS4351 and is non-toxic and readily biodegradable which gives the product an excellent environmental profile.

    It has high solvency power, and effective cleaning power for a wide range of applications. It’s an aggressive industrial cleaner for floors, hard surfaces, equipment, machinery, kitchens and vehicles etc.

    DESCRIPTION: A new revolutionary degreaser and cleaner to remove dirt, grease and soot from a variety of substrates including tile, grout, concrete, machinery parts, vehicles, engines, trucks, commercial kitchens and flooring etc. Contaminants just wash oft easily.

    CLEAN UP: Rinse and clean equipment with water.

    DILUTION RATES & APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse and clean equipment with water. Sure Seal Grout, Tile & Stone Cleaner is available in both a ready-to-go spray pack and as a concentrated formula. Dilution rates for the concentrated formula are provided as a guide only. Always test product in an inconspicuous area first for suitability of use and dilution rate appropri­ate to application. Apply to area with spray, cloth, broom or brush and rinse off with water.
    May be diluted stronger or weaker depending on the degree of soiling.

    FOR HEAVILY-SOILED AREAS: Recommended dilution rate is 500ml to 10 litres of water (1:20). Stronger dilutions can be used for more difficult to remove contaminants.

    FOR GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Recommended dilution rate is 250ml to 10 litres of water (1:40)
    Apply with a mop, broom or soft bristled brush and allow a few minutes dwell time for the degreaser to penetrate. Agitate the area to be cleaned with the mop, broom or brush, then rinse free with clean water.

    TRANSPORT: This product has no UN classification. Non-Hazardous. Not classified as a Dangerous Good, according to the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (6th Edition).

    NOTE: Consult the Safety Data Sheet for full technical and safety details. It is recommended to test the product first on a small inconspicuous area to determine its efficacy or unexpected results.

    SKU: GTS1
    DISCLAIMER: Actual product may vary from images shown due to device display settings, product batch variations and fine detail.

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