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Our 3 Top Tips When Choosing The Right Coloured Floor Tiles For Your Home

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Tiles are the perfect flooring solution for the home and with a lot of choices on the market, deciding on a colour that is right for your home, can be overwhelming.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong when selecting colours for your home. It’s a personal choice and can be a reflection on your style. However, when you plan the colour scheme for your renovation or build, it’s important to note that colour will contribute to the overall mood and impact how the natural light reflects within the space.

With this, we’ve put together our 3 top tips when choosing the right coloured floor tiles for your home.

1: Decide on a Mood

To help you decide on a mood for your home, look at magazines, decorating books, blogs and websites for ideas and start to form a mood board with your inspiration. Keep in mind that each colour has a psychological value. Think about how certain colours make you feel and how they can work within the design of the home. When you have the inspiration, you’ll begin to identify colours that attract you the most and ideally, you will find a mood. For example, a calm and coastal mood can be created through cool blue and green tones paired with a carrara marble flooring. If you get stuck, you can show your inspiration to the team in the showroom or friends and family for further guidance.

Coloured tiles on floorImage: Mood Inspiration

2: Consider the Room Size

An important consideration when choosing a floor tile colour is the size of the room you want to tile. Generally, lighter coloured tiles will make a room appear bigger and darker tiles make a room appear smaller. However, this is conditional to the style and layout of the space.

Ideally, if tiling large and wide rooms, you should use a warm or dark coloured floor tile. Styles such as the Dark Oak timber-look, or other dark and warm tones work well within larger homes. Alternatively, if you’re tiling smaller rooms, consider the light oak timber-look, beige or white options. Going with a light or natural coloured floor tile will make the room appear larger by adding breathability and will reflect the natural light.

3: Take Note of Existing Colours

When renovating with existing colours, consider working with them for the flooring to create balance within the space. You can do this by choosing a tile colour that is either adjacent or contrast to the existing. If you want to achieve a vibrant and lively interior, choose a contrasting colour. For a more tranquil and peaceful finish, choose an adjacent colour.

Working on a new design? Existing colours may come from the neighbouring houses, the landscaping or the exterior facade choices.

BONUS TIP: We always recommend visiting display home villages to see what is currently trending in new homes. Display homes are always designed with aesthetics and resale value in mind and can be a great starting point for your new build or renovation plans!

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