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5 tips to choose the best tiles for Australian homes


Choosing the best tiles for a newly built home or a renovation job can be daunting. The final appearance of your home is determined by the tiles you choose. Remember that the tiles are going to stay for a lifetime or more, and therefore, an informed choice will help you stretch the dollar to the hilt. At Cheap Tiles Online, an array of experts is always at your service to help you take the final call.

The following tips are intended to help you choose the best tiles at the most affordable prices.

1. Inspect the tiles with your naked eyes in sunlight
The colour and texture you see on a colour card or the computer screen can be deceptive. With the myriad combinations available, it is hardly possible to transfer the exact appearance on any of these guiding tools. Rely exclusively on your naked eyes and inspect your options in sunlight since artificial lighting can again present a different feel.

2. The dimension of your room is important
Consider the dimension of your room in mind while choosing tiles. For instance, large tiles instantly add style and a sense of space to living areas, while having an opposite effect when employed in smaller areas like the bathroom. Picture your room mentally and see how the selection fits.

3. Choosing same tile but in different sizes
By choosing the same tile in multiple sizes, you can create great looks. This will also help you obtain a seamless effect, particularly in areas where the tiles meet.

4. Pay attention to the finish
When it comes to choosing finishes, there is no shortage of options these days. From marble finish to glossy and from skid proof matte, there is an astonishing range of choices. Remember that glossy tiles tend to attract more dust but if you are after that shiny look all around, never mind a bit of extra cleaning.

5. Bring in variety
Don’t be swayed by the stunning looks of your aunt’s home while picking tiles for your space. There is always something new in the market to give you that state of the art finish that you deserve. For instance, the natural wood finish tiles can be a great way to enjoy the aesthetics of wood, without the hassle of maintaining it.
Remember that once the tiles are laid and finishing jobs carried out, you will be living with that for years to come. Take those few extra days before deciding on the tiles and you will be glad you did.

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